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Dreamweaver Spin Doctors
Price: $23.99
Approx. US Price: $16.55
Dreamweaver Spin Doctors (8 Inch Chrome Spin Doctors)
8" Chrome Spin Doctors

Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Flashers are some of the best deep water rotating flashers available. Designed with rotation fins which allows the spin doctor to rotate at either slow or fast trolling speeds, Spin Doctor Flashers are designed to pull easy for any trolling application.
Product Options
* 8" Chrome Spin doctor select one of the following : 
4 available for White Nuclear SD70135-8  
8 available for Green Nuclear SD70137-8  
3 available for Double Chrome SD70900-8  
13 available for Chrome/Blue SD70901-8  
12 available for Chrome Blue/Blue SD70904-8  
13 available for Chrome Emerald SD70905-8  
11 available for Chrome Frog SD70910-8  
15 available for Death Wish SD70922-8  
16 available for Chrome Lemon Ice SD70931-8  
10 available for Chrome Bloody Death SD70932-8  
5 available for Chrome Caramel Dolphin SD70933-8  
17 available for Chrome Green Dolphin SD70934-8  
12 available for Chrome Blue Dolphin SD70935-8  
15 available for Hawg Wild SD70936-8  
11 available for Chrome Gator SD70944-8  
2 available for Yellow Gator SD70946-8  
11 available for H2GG/Chrome Hammer SD70958-8  
1 available for H1BB/Chrome Hammer SD70968-8  
14 available for Chrome Black UV SD70947-8  
11 available for UV Chrome Frog SD70909-8  
0 available for Yellow Killer SD70913-8   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
11 available for UV Chrome Two Face SD70921-8  
25 available for Chrome Green Dots SD70957-8  
12 available for Dragon Slayer SD70950-8  
15 available for Green Closer SD70951-8  
11 available for Lance's Margarita SD70999-8  
12 available for Chin Music SD70998-8  
17 available for Green Bikini Bottom SD70911-8  
12 available for Yellow Bikini Bottom SD70912-8  
22 available for Green Sparkler SD70917-8  
16 available for Yellow Sparkle SD70918-8  
16 available for Michael Jackson SD70939-8  
3 available for Mixed Veggie SD70942-8  
16 available for Chrome Blue UV SD70952-8  
19 available for Dew Slayer SD70953-8  
23 available for Watermelon SD70954-8  
12 available for Blue / Chrome Frog SD70956-8  
19 available for Chrome / Mtn. Dew / Crush SD70965-8  
16 available for 42nd Spinny Gold SD-70991-8  

Product Information

White Nuclear 70135

Green Nuclear 70137

42nd Spinny Gold

Double Chrome 70900

Chrome/Blue 70901

Chrome Blue/Blue 70904

Chrome Emerald 70905

Chrome Frog 70910

Death Wish 70922

Lemon Icicle 70931

Chrome Bloody Death 70932

Caramel Caramel Dolphin 70933

Chrome Green Dolphin 70934

Chrome Blue Dolphin 70935

Hawg Wild 70936

Chrome Gator 70944

Chrome Yellow Gator 70946

H2GG/Chrome Hammer 70958

H1BB/Chrome Hammer 70968

Chrome Black UV 70947

UV Chrome Frog 70909

Yellow Killer 70913

UV Chrome Two Face 70921

Chrome Green Dots 70957

Dragon Slayer 70950

Green Closer 70951

Lance's Margarita 70999

Chin Music 70998

Green Bikini Bottom

Yellow Bikini Bottom

Green Sparkler

Yellow Sparkler

Michael Jackson

Mixed Veggie

Chrome/ Blue UV

Mtn Dew Dragon


Blue Chrome Frog

Chrome / Mtn. Dew / Crush