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Okuma Rods (trolling) Classic Pro GLT series
Price: $50.99
Approx. US Price: $35.18
Okuma Rods (trolling) Classic Pro GLT series (Classic Pro GLT series)
Classic Pro GLT
-Salmon specialty rods
-Durable E-Glass blank Construction
-Durable Titanium oxide Guide inserts
-Stainless Steel guide frames
-Copper line rod features stainless steel welded guides
-Triangler shaped EVA fore grip
-Rubber shrink tube butt. Improves rod holder removal and durability
-Precision trolling (Planner board) models are telescopic Salmon trolling rods
-All rods feature a custom mirror finished rod blank
-Tip over butt ferrule connection for increased strength
-Stainless steel hook keepers
-Classic Pro GLT rods are backed by a 1 year limited warranty
Product Options
To Choose 8'6" Down rigger or Salmon :  
29 available for CP-DR-8602M Down rigger  
0 available for CP-C-862M Salmon   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
To Choose 9'0" Dipsy Rod : 
18 available for CP-DD-902M Dipsy rod  
To Choose 10'0" Dipsy Rod : 
4 available for CP-DD-1002M Dipsy rod  
To Choose 8'6" Copper / Lead core rod : 
12 available for CP-CL-862M Copper / Lead core rod  
To Choose 8'6" Planner board rod : 
0 available for CP-PB-861M-T Planner board rod   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...

Product Information

Classic Pro CP-DR-862M

Classic Pro Copper/Lead core

CP-DR-862M is the most popular Down rigger rod on the market.  At this price point....there is nothing better
CP-CL-862M is the most popular rod for using micro Lead core, Reg. Lead core or Copper line.

Model: Rod Power: Rod Taper: Rod Length: Sections: Number of Guides: Weight (oz.): Retail Price (CND$)
Down rigger              
CP-DR-862M M S 8'6" 2 piece 11 + tip 11.8 50.99
Dipsy Diver rods              
CP-DD-902M M M 9.0" 2 piece 11 + tip 13.1 59.99
CP-DD-1002M M M 10'0" 2 piece 11 + tip 17.6 64.99
CP-CL-862M M M/MF 8,6" 2 piece 11 + tip 13.2 79.99
CP-C-862M M M 8'6" 2 piece 11 + tip 11.8 50.99
Planner Board:              
CP-PB-861M-T M M/MF 8'6" 1-Tele 9 + tip 11.1 59.99