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Torpedo Trolling Wire
Price: $49.99
Approx. US Price: $34.49
Torpedo Trolling Wire (7 Strand in Lo-vis Smoke)
7 Strand

Very Flexible wire the also forgives kinks and is also great for running Dipsy divers. 7 Strand comes in cheaper then the 19 Strand version with similar properties. The weight of the Wire makes a great backing for leadcore and copper lines.
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* Select here to choose 7 Strand wire:: 
9 available for 7 Strand 1000 feet  

Product Information

7 Strand:

Available in Smoke color.  
The smoky color disappears into the water

Strength: 30 lb test
Diameter: .015"
Color: Available in Smoke and Bright
Length: 1000 ft