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Torpedo Worm Harness Clevis
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Torpedo Worm Harness Clevis (Clevis)
Fishing with worm harnesses is a great way to catch walleye! The ability to change blades defines the bite and increases catch rates. In the past quick change plastic clevis' allowed the angler to change blades, unfortunately when reeling in a fish, quite often the blades would fly off the clevis as the fish shook its head. With the cost of air brushed painted blades starting at $1.50 per blade this can become very frustrated and expensive for an angler and the angler just lost the blade that was catching the fish.

Torpedo Fishing Products, a leader in the snap swivel innovation, has designed a clevis with a torpedo snap locking device. Simply open the lock and change the blade, then close the lock and fish with confidence that your blade will catch fish after fish after fish without losing your favourite blade.

Size: 1/4"
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