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Scotty Transducer Mounting arm track mount
Price: $39.99
Approx. US Price: $27.59
Scotty Transducer Mounting arm track mount (141)
Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm made of high strength composite material that will give you years of service without any corrosion
Designed for kayaks and small boat use
Transducer Arm telescopes from a compact 11.5 inches to 18 inches when fully extended and swivel 360 degrees
This fully adjustable design includes the No. 415 Slip Discs that offer infinite micro position changes
Includes the No. 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter and our 440-4 Low Profile Track
Allows attachment of our Scotty Universal Sounder Mount if desired on top of the Gear-Head Track Adapter
Instantly drop and lock a Fishfinder Mount or any other Scotty post-mount accessory on top of the No. 141

(Scotty Universal Sounder Mount and other accessories not included)
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* Model 141 Transducer Mounting Arm Track Mount 
5 available for Model 141 Transducer Mounting Arm  

Product Information

No. 141 Kayak / SUP Transducer Arm Mount with Gear-Head Adapter