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Berkley Deep Hit Stick
Price: $12.99
Approx. US Price: $8.96
Berkley Deep Hit Stick (Size 9)
True balsa-like action with the durability and precision tracking of a premium hard-plastic lure. The Berkley® Deep Hit Stick delivers an aggressive, wider tail action than our Flicker Minnow perfect for deep, big or more aggressive fish that do not always react to the more finesse minnow baits.
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
8 available for Tiger King  
3 available for Black Gold  
7 available for Black Silver  
3 available for Blue Chrome  
9 available for Fire Tiger  
5 available for Knock Out  
7 available for Pink Lemonade  
12 available for Perch  
8 available for Shake And Bake  
9 available for Fire Fly  
8 available for Purple Slime  
10 available for Purple Bengal  
8 available for Clown  
7 available for Blue Slime  

Product Information
  • Integrated FlashDisc™ improves tracking stability and accuracy giving the bait true balsa-like action
  • Wider, more aggressive tail action and a deep dive curve
  • Loud dual-rattle system with optimized pitch calls fish in from long distances
  • Thicker, beefier body for larger attention-grabbing profile
  • Best tracking, deep-diving stick bait on the market
  • Colors and sizes built for chasing fish in the prairie ponds to the big great lakes
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks
Size Depth Length
1/3oz Floating 18-24 ft 3 3/4 in