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Pro Tackle Fishing Customs 800 series Reef Runners
Price: $17.99
Approx. US Price: $12.41
Pro Tackle Fishing Customs 800 series Reef Runners (Reef Runner 800)
PTF Customs for NEW Reef Runner 800 series.

New 800 series are now hand tuned ready to run true out of package.
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Product Information

The 800 Series Reef Runner Deep Diver is a deep diving 4″ rattling minnow bait designed to dive quickly with a wobble gamefish can’t resist. It’s “kicking” action hunts down the big ones while the body creates a perfect image for even finicky fish.

Body Length: 4 3/4″ Bill Length: 1 11/16″ Total Length:6 3/16″
Weight: 5/8 oz. Max. Diving Depth: 28 ft’ Hook: # 4