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POW Casting
Price: $8.99
Approx. US Price: $6.2
POW Casting (Powder Coated Black Depth charge clip on trolling weights)
Depth Charge clip on trolling weights are a tried, true and proven method of getting deeper. Simply add weights to your line, using the 50 / 50 method and drop you presentation by 7 feet per oz of weight added.
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
5 available for 1/2oz Powder Coated Black  
5 available for 3/4oz Powder Coated Black  
7 available for 1oz Powder Coated Black  
12 available for 1 1/2oz Powder Coated Black  
3 available for 2oz Powder Coated Black  
10 available for 2 1/2oz Powder Coated Black  
10 available for 3oz Powder Coated Black  
11 available for 4oz Powder Coated Black  
6 available for 5oz Powder Coated Black  
5 available for 6oz Powder Coated Black  

Product Information

Uses include;


    - Adding depth to body bait presentations on flat lines or planer boards.

    - Dragging live or artificial baits across the bottom.

    - Getting your spoon closer to bottom without endangering you downrigger equipment.

    - Flat lining trolling spoons to keep them from skipping across the top of the water.

    - anything else a little extra weight and your imagination can dream up.