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Berkley Vibrato
Price: $8.99
Approx. US Price: $6.2
Berkley Vibrato (Size 004(1/8oz) or 007(1/4oz))
As its name implies, the VibratoŽ has a natural vibrating action, but unlike typical vibrating lures, it vibrates on the fall, when jigged, twitched, retrieved steadily, or trolled in any way and at any speed! The unique constant vibration is due to the design of the body being deeply compressed with a wider belly and a thinner back, causing it to vibrate regardless of how it is fished. Equipped with two treble hooks, one on each side, the Vibrato is ideal for light-biting fish where two trebles will ensure more fish are caught. A full wire runs through the length of its body, connecting both hooks and the line tie, assuring a solid and secure connection between you and your trophy.
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
7 available for Natural Shiner 004  
7 available for Natural Shiner 007  
4 available for Natural White Perch 004  
6 available for Natural White Perch 007  
6 available for Fire Tiger Gold 004  
4 available for Fire Tiger Gold 007  
5 available for Pinkescent 004  
7 available for Holo Greenie 004  
3 available for Holo Greenie 007  
4 available for Natural Golden Shiner 004  
4 available for Natural Golden Shiner 007  
5 available for Ghostescent 004  
5 available for Ghostescent 007  
4 available for Blue Glow Tiger 007  

Product Information


  • Perfect center of gravity gives the ideal control and action even in the lightest models
  • Slow flutter rate on the fall creates flash and disturbance which allows the angler to target pressure and suspended predators by allowing the Vibrato to drop while popping intermittently
  • Power jigging is effortless thanks to action that flutters on the fall and vibrates on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish
  • Upper back wire extends from the front hook to the rear hook allowing for a strong tie point
  • Now with enhanced cosmetics, improved hardware materials, and a reinforced body for higher pull strength

Natural Shiner

Natural White Perch

Fire Tiger Gold


Holo Greenie

Natural Golden Shiner


Blue Glow Tiger