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POW Casting
Price: $7.99
Approx. US Price: $5.51
POW Casting (Depth charge clip on trolling weights)
Depth Charge clip on trolling weights are a tried, true and proven method of getting deeper. Simply add weights to your line, using the 50 / 50 method and drop you presentation by 7 feet per oz of weight added.
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
12 available for 1/2oz Plain Lead  
10 available for 3/4oz Plain Lead  
31 available for 1oz Plain Lead  
25 available for 1 1/2oz Plain Lead  
13 available for 2oz Plain Lead  
28 available for 2 1/2oz Plain Lead  
36 available for 3oz Plain Lead  
23 available for 4oz Plain Lead  
14 available for 5oz Plain Lead  
18 available for 6oz Plain Lead  

Product Information

Uses include;


    - Adding depth to body bait presentations on flat lines or planer boards.

    - Dragging live or artificial baits across the bottom.

    - Getting your spoon closer to bottom without endangering you downrigger equipment.

    - Flat lining trolling spoons to keep them from skipping across the top of the water.

    - anything else a little extra weight and your imagination can dream up.