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Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Minnow
Price: $11.99
Approx. US Price: $8.27
Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Minnow (Ultra Diver Minnow)
The Ultra Diver Minnow is just the bait you need to up your fishing game. The design team at American Baitworks developed the Ultra Diver Minnow with a forward-weighted design which ensures the minnow is primed and ready to dive deep as soon as it hits the water.

The cloverleaf bill design also creates a radical deflection action that is sure to attract fish. We placed a lot of emphasis on performance and the realistic 3-piece, sonic-welded body design and integrated one-piece bill design add to the appeal of this bait. Plus, the premium VMC black nickel hooks provide even more durability and strength. You'll be cranking in big ones in no time with the Ultra Diver Minnow.
Product Options
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8 available for Natural Shad  
7 available for Blue Chartreuse  
4 available for Barbie  
4 available for Blue Wonder  
14 available for Cheap Sunglasses  
11 available for Citrus Shad  
11 available for Purple Shad  
5 available for Pink Tiger  

Product Information

Features an internal rattle system, ultra quick diving bill, premium paint finishes with premium black Nickel hooks. 

Weighing in at 5/8oz.

Can reach depths of 14FT+ Casting and 25FT+ Trolling.

Natural Shad

Blue Chartreuse

Barbie Glow

Blue Wonder

Cheap Sunglasses

Citrus Shad

Purple Shad

Pink Tiger