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TUF-Line (27lb Regular Leadcore)
When you need to get your lures down to where the fish are, Tuf-Line® Lead Core will get them there with total precision. Unlike other weighted trolling lines, Tuf-Line Lead Core is sheathed in tightly braided, high-tenacity nylon (instead of Dacron), and features a 99.9% pure lead filament. Both factors result in a thinner diameter than standard lines, for less water resistance, faster lure deployment, and more precise depth calculation. Plus, Tuf-Line's break strength consistently runs above the pound test rating—important when trying to slow a streaking salmon on his first bull run. Metered with a different color every 10 yards.
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Product Information
  • Precision weighted line gets lures down to desired level
  • Tightly braided, high-tenacity nylon sheath
  • 99.9% pure lead filament
  • Thinner diameter than standard lead core lines
  • High break strength
  • Color metered every 10 yards


Color: Multi Color

Length: 100 Yards

27 Lb. Test