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TUF-Line (27lb Micro Leadcore)
With its reduced drag, super-thin TUF-LineŽ MicroLead Leadcore Line achieves the same sink rate as standard leadcore. That means you can fish it on lighter tackle, or spool more colors onto your trolling reel, thanks to its 30% smaller diameter. Standard core sheaths its lead filament in thick DacronŽ, but Tuf-Line Micro features a SpectraŽ fiber braid outer layer, which makes it 3 times stronger. Incredible trolling performance; you'll get used to it in no time, and love it!
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Product Information
  • 30% smaller diameter than standard leadcore
  • Same sink rate as other lead lines
  • Sheathed in Spectra fiber braid
  • 3 times stronger than Dacron