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PK Lures Tungsten Predator
Price: $10.49
Approx. US Price: $7.24
PK Lures Tungsten Predator (1/16oz)
Anglers asked for a smaller PK Predator that would drop fast to help stay on the bite so we did it!!

PK Predator TNG (Tungsten) - this smaller version of our best-selling product with a smaller gold blade.

It weighs 1/16 oz. made in tungsten for a fast dropping, action-filled lure. Even finicky fish can't resist this new spoon.

Tip it with a wax worm, small minnow head, or plastic for best results.
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
8 available for Pearl Chartreuse Glow  
12 available for Bengal Tiger GLow  
17 available for Lime Green White  
12 available for Fire Tiger Glow  
13 available for Bluegill Glow  
10 available for Pink Pearl Glow  
8 available for Gold  
15 available for Yellow Glow Orange Dot  

Product Information

Pearl Chartreuse Glow

Bengal Tiger Glow

Lime Green White

Fire Tiger Glow

Bluegill Glow

Pink Pearl Glow


Yellow Glow Orange Dot