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Mustad Treble Hooks 7/0 (25 pack) 3551-BR
Price: $25.99
Approx. US Price: $17.93
Mustad Treble Hooks 7/0 (25 pack) 3551-BR (7/0 3551-BR)
7/0 3551-BR (25 Pack)
-Mustad's Wire Technology and Nor-Tempering Process means that hooks are lighter and up to 30% stronger.
-The “MTL-V1” point combines a more efficient point design with a new sharpening process to enhance the quality.
-The result is a sharper, sleek new point shape with penetration resistance 50% lower than standard Classic Hook points!
-Mustad's Wire Technology And Nor-Tempering Process Means That Hooks Are Lighter And Up To 20 percent Stronger
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* Mustad 7/0 (25 pack) 3551-BR 
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