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Drifter Tackle
Price: $36.99
Approx. US Price: $25.52
Drifter Tackle (10" Jointed Stalker)
The Stalker is a shallow running, high speed lure that imitates wounded minnows and baitfish. Cast or trolled, this lure allows you to effectively cover large areas of water. The faster you run it the better the action. Available in 6.5" and 10" versions, this classic profile works under a wide range of conditions. The lip design gives a large degree of rotation which "flashes" the belly and sides to the fish lurking below. The jointed version provides a serpentine action that fish find irresistible.

6.5″ Straight and Jointed : 2 ounces

10″ Jointed : 4.5 ounces
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