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Scotty 428 Gear-Head Mount
Price: $16.99
Approx. US Price: $11.72
Scotty 428 Gear-Head Mount (428 Gear-Head)
-The Scotty 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter quickly slides into place and locks down your post mounted Scotty Rod Holders and Accessories.
-Similar to the revolutionary Scotty 428 Gear-Head, this system allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist.
-Use your favourite, fully adjustable Scotty Rod Holder and adjust it to any vertical or horizontal position without having to drill permanent mounting holes
-Designed to fit all kayak track systems, this compact product is a must for serious kayak anglers.
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* Model 428 Gear-Head Mount 
-2 available for Model 428 Gear-Head Mount   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...

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