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Suick Cisco Kid
Price: $30.99
Approx. US Price: $21.38
Suick Cisco Kid (Jointed Wrangler)
The Wrangler is a jointed version of the original Cisco Kid. Tooth-proof plastic with a molded in diving lip produces a nice tight swimming wiggle. Excellent mid-depth crankbait casting or trolled, very effective for fishing muskie, northern pike, large walleye and saltwater fish. The Wrangler is available in 12 fish catching color patterns.
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0 available for Smallmouth Bass   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
3 available for Purple  
4 available for Night Shiner  
4 available for Sucker  
1 available for Erie Walleye  

Product Information

Jointed Cisco Kid Wrangler
Number of Hooks & Replacement Size (3) 1/0 Red Treble
Length: 7"
Weight: 1 1/4 oz
Construction: Plastic