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3D Bat
Price: $29.99
Approx. US Price: $20.69
3D Bat (5 inch)
-5 inch (14.5 cm) $29.99
No matter where you fish around the country, you always recognize the sound of a fishing blowing up on the surface. Bass, Pike, and Muskie are reaction hunters and will attack just about anything that comes near or creates a commotion on the surface. The Savage Gear 3D Bat is the first of its kind 3D scanned, hard body surface walking bat bait.
Product Options
* Please choose from the following colors for the 5" 3D Bat 
9 available for 5 inch Grey  
2 available for 5 inch Black  
7 available for 5 inch Brown  

Product Information

- 3D Scanned Bat
- 4” and 5” sizes available
- Brown, black and grey colors
- ABS body construction
- Stainless steel wings (larger size)

- Aluminum wings (smaller size)
- Realistic side-to-side walking action
- High pitched built-in rattle