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Suick 10 inch Weagle
Price: $52.99
Approx. US Price: $36.56
Suick 10 inch Weagle (10 inch Weagle)
Weagle by Suick prides itself on offering handcrafted, American made muskie baits and accessories manufactured to the highest standards. Each and every bait offered by Suick is built tough from the ground up using only components of the utmost quality. Developed by muskie fishermen for muskie fishermen, Suick offers products that will stand up to the abuse of a big muskie and still be ready to get right back in there looking for the next one.

8"-10" Weagles for a larger fishing presentation moving more water, excellent topwater bait for Trophy Muskie and Pike waters.
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8 available for Stink Pumpkin  
5 available for Perch  
7 available for Frog  
5 available for Cash  
7 available for Jailbird  
0 available for Stink Pickle   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
1 available for Blue Silver  

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Stink Pumpkin


Jail Bird

Stink Pickle


Blue Silver