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Okuma Rods (Musky) EVX Rods with Split Rear Grip
Price: $189.99
Approx. US Price: $131.09
Okuma Rods (Musky) EVX Rods with Split Rear Grip (EVX Rods with Split Rear Grip)
EVx B-Series Musky rods also include upgraded rod guides. The guide system now features Sea Guide double-foot, deep-press stainless steel guide frames. The tip guide features Sea Guides RS ring for unmatched hardness and durability. The guide system anticipates braided lines and provides rock-solid foundation and a long service life.
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* EVX Musky Rods Casting Models with split rear grip ($189.99) 
0 available for EVx-C-861H-Tb   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
11 available for EVx-C-861XH-Tb  
4 available for EVx-C-861XXH-Tb  
10 available for EVx-C-931H-Tb  
2 available for EVx-C-931XH-Tb  
1 available for EVx-C-761XXH-Tb  
2 available for EVx-761XH-Tb  
2 available for EVx-761H-Tb  

Product Information
Model Rod Power Rod Taper Rod Length Line Weight Lure Weight Sections Foregrip Length Number of Guides Weight (oz)
EVx-C-861H-Tb H MF 8'6" 30-65lbs 2-8oz 1-Tele 5-1/2" 10+ Tip 10.5
EVx-C-861XH-Tb XH MF/F 8'6" 50-100lbs 4-12oz 1-Tele 5-1/2" 10+ Tip 11.8
EVx-C-861XXH-Tb XXH F 8'6" 65-130lbs 4-16oz 1- Tele 5-1/2" 9+ Tip 13.4
EVx-C-931H-Tb H MF/F 9'3" 50-100lbs 2-10oz 1- Tele 5-1/2" 10+ Tip 12.3
EVx-C-931XH-Tb XH MF/F 9'3" 65-100lbs 4-16oz 1- Tele 5-1/2" 10+ Tip


EVx-C-761XXH-Tb XXH MF 7'6" 65-130lbs 4-16oz 1- Tele 5-1/2" 8+ Tip 9.8
EVx-C-761XH-Tb XH MF 7'6" 50-100lbs 4-12oz 1-Tele 5-1/2" 8 + Tip 8.9
EVx-761H-Tb H MF 7'6" 30-65lbs 1-8oz 1-Tele 5 1/2" 8 + Tip 7.9

Responsive and durable 24-ton carbon rod blanks

UFR: Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced rod tip technology

UFR technology increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times 

Double foot deep press stainless steel Sea Guide frames 

Specialized RS tip insert for unmatched hardness and durability

Premium cork Split grip configuration on standard models

All models feature a contoured 5-1/2” cork foregrip 

Telescopic “T”: Easy storage and longer casting distance

Stainless steel hook keepers to accommodate large baits.

EVx “b” Musky rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty