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Suick NiteWalker
Price: $40.99
Approx. US Price: $28.28
Suick NiteWalker (NiteWalker)
Suick Nitewalker. This revolutionary topwater bait was designed by Northwoods fishing guide, Paul Hansen. The compact body design and rotating tail section creates a loud water churing action that has claimed many TROPHY muskies and northern pike throughout the U.S. and Canada. Wake up the monster fish in your neighborhood.
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Product Information

Number of Hooks & Replacement Size: (2) 3/0 Treble
Length: 4 1/2"
Weight: 2.25 oz
Construction: 2 Piece Topwater Lure Bladed Tail Section Through Wire Construction

Black Inferno

Stink Pickle

Grey Mouse


Orange Frog

Stink Pumpkin

Green Frog