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Off Shore Resettable Tadpoles
Price: $13.99
Approx. US Price: $9.65
Off Shore Resettable Tadpoles (Tadpole OR36)
Off Shore Tackle OR36 1 Resettable Diving Weights

Each OR36 1 includes
One Size 1 Tadpole Weight
Two Coast Lock Snaps

You simply use this Tadpole weight to get your lure down deeper and it trips when a fish is on. This Tadpole Size 1 weighs approximately 1 oz. This item is powder coated for long lasting durability.
Product Options
OR36 1 Tadpole Diving weight 
17 available for SIZE #1 tadpole weight  
OR36 2 Tadpole Diving weight 
7 available for SIZE #2 tadpole weight  
OR36 MAG Tadpole Diving weight 
6 available for SIZE MAG tadpole weight  

Product Information


Tadpole shown in the clipped position.


Tadpole shown in the tripped position.