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Drifter Tackle 10 Inch Jointed Believer
Price: $36.99
Approx. US Price: $25.52
Drifter Tackle 10 Inch Jointed Believer (10 inch Jointed Believer)
-Rattle chamber
-High impact plastic bodies
-All believers have deep and shallow eyelets to run from 2 to 18 feet.
Believers can be trolled, casted,
Jerked or twitched all being equally
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7 available for Perch  
3 available for Natural Walleye  
5 available for Sucker  
1 available for Holo Superman  
1 available for Fire Perch  
0 available for Holo Hot Walleye   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
5 available for Black Sucker  
6 available for FireTiger