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Savage Gear 3D Sucker
Price: $29.99
Approx. US Price: $20.69
Savage Gear 3D Sucker (9" - 6oz)
Everyone knows that Suckers are one of the preferred forages of large predatory game fish. Because of this, we have created the most realistic sucker paddle swimbait ever created.

With its anatomically correct features and photoprint details, there is no doubt that when that big musky and pike connect with this swimbait, they will believe they are eating the real thing. The Savage Sucker features a solid internal structure with 2 heavy duty treble hooks. The result is the ultimate predator swimbait that makes no compromises
Product Options
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9 available for Black  
3 available for Redhorse Sucker  
4 available for Walleye Flash  
11 available for Black Orange Flash  
9 available for Cisco Flash  
8 available for White Sucker  

Product Information
  • Modeled After 3D Scans Of A Real Sucker
  • Specially Designed Tail For Life Like Kicking Action
  • Ready to fish with strong internal harness and sharp hooks
  • Moderate Sink