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Suick Hi Impact with Adjustable weight system
Price: $49.99
Approx. US Price: $34.49
Suick Hi Impact with Adjustable weight system (AWT)
Thiller Hi impact with adjustable weight systems.

The Same proven design that made Suick famous but made from an all new High Impact plastic, and now with a totally adjustable Weighting system, this Thriller is trully the BEST yet from Suick Lures.
-9" long
-The weight system allows you to adjust the lure to have a slow rise, more hang time or even a slow count down action
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3 available for Bronze Perch  
1 available for All Black  
5 available for Orange Black Dots  
3 available for Fire Tiger  
3 available for Perch  
1 available for Bait Fish  
3 available for Walleye  
4 available for Yellow Perch  
0 available for Wild Sucker   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...