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ERC Tackle Pearson's Bump & Grind 3oz
Price: $29.99
Approx. US Price: $20.69
ERC Tackle Pearson's Bump & Grind 3oz (Pearson's Bump & Grind 3oz)
Inspired by Dick Pearson's Grinder, this Grinder comes armed with a large Colorado blade that delivers a thump that wll shake you right through your rod handle. While maintaining its unique grinding action, the big Colorado blade creates a more noticeable audible footprint and greater lift as it comes through the water. Bump and Grind the Grinder through those thick weed beds that big predators like to submerge in and watch for the wake to appear behind your Grinder as slumbering giants come up to inhale the sound and vibration that calls and drives them to attack!
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