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Price: $5.99
Approx. US Price: $4.13
Owner (Wacky Hook)
Wacky Hooks, available with or without a weed-guard, are the perfect hook for down-shotting and drop-shotting natural baits and soft plastics for suspended bass and panfish. The hook gap's sharp-angle bend serves as a saddle that encourages a worm rigged at the middle to seek an optimum position for an enticing horizontal presentation, which makes this an ideal hook for wacky worming. Models with a Flex Nylon weedless guard are the choice for worming in heavy cover. Both models feature a Super Needle Point and camo green finish.
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12 available for 5172P-116  
13 available for 5172P-126  
* $6.99 Model 
0 available for 5172-106   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
* $7.99 Model 
10 available for 5172-116  

Product Information
Model Style Size Quantity Price
5172P-116 w/o Weedguard 1/0 8 $ 5.99
5172P-126 w/o Weedguard 2/0 7 $ 5.99
5172-106 w/ Weedguard 1 4 6.99
5172-116 w/ Weedguard 1/0 4 7.99