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The Perfect Jig
Price: $6.99
Approx. US Price: $4.82
The Perfect Jig (2.5" Smallie Tube)
The 2.5″ smallie tube is a must have for all the hardcore tube anglers. The small profile and life like action mimics a newborn craw or goby perfectly. Salt-impregnate, bio edge scent infused, this bait sure wont disappoint. Weather you looking to drag or even dropshot, this tube has you covered in all our fish catching colours.
Product Options
* Please choose from the following 
12 available for Black  
11 available for Green Pumpkin Copper  
11 available for Natural Goby  
4 available for Black Blue  
12 available for Green Pumpkin Black Flakes  
12 available for Crawzilla  
9 available for White  
11 available for Baby Bass  
6 available for Green Pumpkin Purple  
4 available for White/ Chart Tip  

Product Information

Baby Bass


Black Blue


Green Pumpkin Black Flake

Green Pumpkin Copper

Green Pumpkin Purple

Natural Goby


White/ Chart Tip