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The Perfect Jig
Price: $6.49
Approx. US Price: $4.48
The Perfect Jig (4" Flippin Beaver)
4 long, in packs of 7, the perfect flipping bug is not your average creature bait. Infused with the natural scent of bio-edge crawfish and its smaller than average profile, this creature bait makes a fantastic texas rig or a jig trailer.
Product Options
* Please choose from the following 
10 available for Black Blue Flakes  
13 available for Black  
9 available for Black Neon  
8 available for Natural Craw  
13 available for Watermelon Black Flakes  
6 available for Royal Gobie  
6 available for Watermelon Black Flakes Orange Tip  
10 available for Rootbeer  
12 available for Xmas Craw  

Product Information

Black Blue Flakes


Black Neon


Watermelon Black Flake

Royal Gobie

Watermelon Black Flake Org Tip


Xmas Craw