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The Perfect Jig
Price: $6.49
Approx. US Price: $4.48
The Perfect Jig (4" Flippin Beaver)
4 long, in packs of 7, the perfect flipping bug is not your average creature bait. Infused with the natural scent of bio-edge crawfish and its smaller than average profile, this creature bait makes a fantastic texas rig or a jig trailer.
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8 available for Black Blue Flakes  
12 available for Black  
8 available for Black Neon  
8 available for Natural Craw  
11 available for Watermelon Black Flakes  
5 available for Royal Gobie  
4 available for Watermelon Black Flakes Orange Tip  
9 available for Rootbeer  
8 available for Xmas Craw  

Product Information

Black Blue Flakes


Black Neon


Watermelon Black Flake

Royal Gobie

Watermelon Black Flake Org Tip


Xmas Craw