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Scotty 280 Baitcaster Spinning Rod Holder
Price: $24.99
Approx. US Price: $17.24
Scotty 280 Baitcaster Spinning Rod Holder (280 Bait Caster/Spinning rod Holder)
-Holds a baitcaster reel in a cushioned cradle and a slot at the front also allows for a spinning reel to be securely held in position
-Designed with a side mounted flange, which leaves the bottom open accommodating rod trigger grips
-Pistol grip rod butts easily clear the sides of the rod holder for quick and easy rod retrieval
-Rods can safely be secured with a soft latching strap which snaps over the top of the rod holder
-Manufactured with fibre reinforced engineering grade nylon offering strength, resilience and reliability
-Includes 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount and can be mounted on top or side of gunnel
-All post mount Scotty Rod Holders are fully adjustable up and down and with 360 degrees of horizontal rotation
Designed as a multi-functional rod holder that is great for bass fishing, trout and other medium/small fish species
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* Model 280 Baitcasting/Spinning Rod Holder 
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