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Berkley Flicker Shad
Price: $7.99
Approx. US Price: $5.51
Berkley Flicker Shad (Jointed Size 7)
Berkley® Flicker Shad® performance with an even more exaggerated action. The Flicker Shad® jointed models feature a jointed tail for added tail wag – resulting in the most side flash and roll out of any Flicker Shad®. Each bait is individually tank tested ensuring this proven all-purpose trolling bait works right out of the package.
Product Options
* Berkley Jointed Flicker Shad  
14 available for Purple Tiger  
12 available for Firetail MF Hot FireTiger  
12 available for Blue Smelt  
12 available for Slick FireTiger  
9 available for Fools Gold  
13 available for Slick Blue Alewife  
12 available for FireTiger  
11 available for Slick Purple Bengal  
13 available for Black Silver  
0 available for Firetail Hot Perch   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
0 available for Pearl White   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
4 available for King Fisher  
12 available for Firetail Rico Suave  
12 available for Slick Smelt  
9 available for HD Blacknose Minnow  
3 available for HD Bluegill  
5 available for HD Emerald Shiner  
4 available for HD Fathead Minnow  
12 available for HD Smelt  
3 available for HD Spottail Shiner  
6 available for HD Threadfin Shiner  
-1 available for HD Yellow Perch   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...

Product Information

-Size, profile, and dive depth imitate real shad
-Jointed construction for maximum rattle and roll action
-Features a slow rise
-Individually tank tested
-Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks 

Black Silver


Firetail Hot Perch

Firetail Rico Suave


Fools Gold

King Fisher

FireTail MF Hot FireTiger

Pearl White

Purple Tiger

Slick Blue Alewife

Slick FireTiger

Slick Purple Bengal

Slick Smelt

HD Blacknose Dace

HD Bluegill

HD Emerald Shiner

HD Fathead Minnow

HD Smelt

HD Spottail Shiner

HD Threadfin Shad

HD Yellow Perch