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Okuma Rods (Bass) Helios SX Bass Spinning Rods
Price: $239.99
Approx. US Price: $165.59
Okuma Rods (Bass) Helios SX Bass Spinning Rods (Helios SX Bass Spinning Rods)
The Helios SX rods were designed with the latest technology and insight from leading bass anglers from around the country. The backbone of the Helios SX rods is the ultra-responsive and durable 30-ton carbon blank construction. This 30-ton carbon construction gives these rods the sensitivity you need to feel each bump and tick as you retrieve your bait.
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Product Information
Model Line weight Lure weight Length Weight Action
HSX-S-721M 6-12lb 1/8-1/2 7'2" 4.0 M
HSX-S-721MH 10-20lb 1/4-3/4 7'2" 4.3 MH
HSX-S-721ML 6-12lb 1/8-1/2 7'2" 4.0 ML

The Helios SX rods bring their lightweight technology into twelve key spinning and baitcast models. With five spinning models from 6-foot 9-inches to 7-foot 2-inches and light to medium heavy actions, they have you covered in your drop shop or other key spinning applications. The series also has seven casting models from 7-foot to 7-foot 6-inches and medium to heavy actions.

The component system on the Helios SX rods is top notch including Sea Guide XO Titanium angles guides with RS Sea Guide inserts with unmatched hardness and durability for tough braided line situations. All models feature contoured EVA fore and split rear grip designs as well as Sea Guide Alien reel seats with zero exposed seat threads for all day comfort.