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Scotty Trolling Snubber with Ball Bearing Swivels
Price: $12.99
Approx. US Price: $8.96
Scotty Trolling Snubber with Ball Bearing Swivels (370)
Trolling Snubber with Sampo™ ball bearing and trolling snap
Place between your downrigger terminal end and your weight
The Scotty Trolling Snubber absorbs shock, provides electrical insulation and helps prevent snags
Easy to grip with wet hands and allows for a simple and quick connection to your downrigger weight
Simply connect your downrigger line to the welded ring of the Sampo™ ball bearing swivel and clip your weight to the other end using the trolling snap

(Downrigger weights not included)
Product Options
Model 370 Trolling Snubber with Ball Bearing Swivel 
2 available for Model 370 Downrigger Snubber  
Model 371 Trolling Snubber with no Swivel on the end ($4.50 cheaper): 
0 available for Model 371 Downrigger snubber with no swivel   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...

Product Information

No. 370 Trolling Snubber With Sampo™ Ball Bearing Swivel