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Sunline Xplasma Asegai Braid
Price: $33.99
Approx. US Price: $23.45
Sunline Xplasma Asegai Braid (Braided Line)
Following four years of development, Sunline recently launched Asegai braid featuring patented Xplasma technology that dramatically improves slickness, abrasion resistance, and water repellency. Slickness and smoothness are improved 370% and 260% respectively over our conventional braided lines. The Xplasma process also improves hydrophobic capabilities of Asegai over 240% over our standard braided lines allowing for longer casts and less freeze up in guides and reels in cold weater.
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3 available for 8 Lb 165 Yds  
6 available for 10 Lb 165 Yds  
7 available for 12 Lb 165 Yds  
5 available for 16 Lb 165 Yds  
4 available for 18 Lb 165 Yds  
2 available for 50 Lb 165 Yds  

Product Information

Some of the best bradied line anglers in the world like Aaron Martens, Brent Ehrler, Brett Hite, Jason Christie, Todd Faircloth and Dean Rojas all contributed to the development. Asegai is a premium eight strand Japanese made PE with tight woven surface. Available in two colors dark green and light green for higher visibility.