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Berkley Money Badger
Price: $9.99
Approx. US Price: $6.89
Berkley Money Badger (7.25(3/5oz) 11'-13')
asting for Bass or Trolling for Walleye – the Money Badger will Catch More Fish® and cash more checks! Hybrid baitfish-crayfish design is compact and aggressive while delivering rod shaking, tail-thumping action. \"Clicking\" sound system is tuned to deliver a fish-calling balance of sound and action. Pro Tip: This bait excels at casting to structure or trolled at a variety of speeds from 1 to 5mph! Draw out the Money Badger hunting actions with highspeed retrieves or trolling.
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Product Information

Black Gold

Black Silver


Firetail Green Craw

FX Shad

Ghost Green Craw

Killer Craw


Special Red Craw

Sunset 84

Fire Tiger

Ghost Morning Dawn

Northern Lights

Pink Pearl

Purple Glimmer

Root Beer Craw

Spring Craw

Vanilla Chartreuse
  • Maximum hard thumping vibration with amplified side roll to draw in fish from a distance
  • Hybrid baitfish-crayfish design delivers slow rise so the bait hangs on the pause
  • Maximum casting distance - tungsten weight transfer in the three larger sizes for long casts
  • Versatile - cast or troll; bait can be fished slow or burned at maximum speeds without blowing out
  • Patented FlashDisc™ technology is integrated to improve tracking, stability, and accuracy and delivers a true balsa-like action
  • Designed to crawl over structure/rocks
  • Clicking sounds system is tuned to delivers the perfect balance of sound and action
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks