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Northland Quick-Strike Predator Rig
Price: $9.99
Approx. US Price: $6.89
Northland Quick-Strike Predator Rig (PRYH2)
Fish below a tip-up or large float for trophy northern pike, walleyes, lake trout and muskies. Yoke-style design is ideal for live or dead bait. When rigging, position trebles so bait hangs horizontally. Set hook immediately when a fish takes the bait.
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Natural Shiner

• A lethal “quick-strike” presentation to catch large toothy predators like Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye & Lake Trout below a tip-up or large float
• A pair of “holographic” Baitfish-Image® blades flash to lure fish
• Constructed from 45 Lb. Surflon® Nylon Coated Stainless Steel wire

*Before fishing with this rig, check crimp or reinforce with pliers 

- 90 lb. #5 Crane Swivel

- 45Lb. Blood Red Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Wire

- Premium Blood Red Treble Hooks

- Heavy Duty Double-Crimped Leader Sleeve

- 6" Adjustable Y-Yoke Harness

- Holographic Baitfish-Image Attractor Blades