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Okuma Reels (Bait casting) Halogen series
Price: $109.99 76.99
Approx. US Price: $75.89
Okuma Reels (Bait casting) Halogen series (Halogen HG100 and HG101 series)
Okuma�s new Halogen reels take on the same great platform as last year's Serrano. These edgy new reels feature a dark black design with hints of purple to really make them stand out. The Halogen is a carbon fiber reel that comes in at only 7.0 ounces. It is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
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Okuma Halogen bait cast series: 
9 available for Halogen HG100H-A (high speed, right hand)  
10 available for Halogen HG101H-A (high speed, left hand)  
11 available for Halogen HG100-A (right hand)  
12 available for Halogen HG101-A (left hand)  

Product Information

The Halogen features a 5BB + 1RB precision stainless steel bearing drive for smooth, long casts as well as a consistent retrieve. The quick-set anti-reverse bearing is perfect for solid hooksets. The precision-cut, high-strength brass main, and pinion gears keep the reel running smooth and silent. The Halogen reels feature an externally adjustable magnetic cast control for easy, on-the-fly adjustments. This compact bodied reel has a 33.5mm machined aluminum spool that you can pack on your braid or monofilament line. And the multi-disc drag washers give out consistent performance. 

Available in two gear ratios, 6.5:1 and 7.2:1, it is available in both left (101) and right-hand (100) retrieves.

Corrosion resistant frame and sideplates

5BB + 1RB precision stainless steel bearing drive system

Quick Set anti-reverse bearing for solid hook sets

Precision cut, high strength brass main and pinion gears

Externally adjustable magnetic cast control system

33.5mm machined aluminum, black anodized spool

Multi-disc drags washers for consistent performance

Halogen reels are backed by a 1-year limited warranty